About us  

Protech is a software engineering company focused on the full development cycle: from idea to design, production and maintenance of complex software solutions. One of the company’s specializations is computer vision and machine learning related software. Protech has solid domain knowledge in this area and experienced engineers. Software platforms are custom made and tailored for specific clients’ requirements.

When developing, teams are dedicated to reliability, efficiency and usability of applications. It is important to emphasize that the software is intensively tested, verified and validated in order to meet strict regulations. For the same reason, all project steps are fully documented. Applications are developed as desktop, web and mobile solutions. Besides taking care of the system functionality, our developers make sure that design follows the latest trends.


Protech is an amazing team of technology enthusiasts. We envision the world in which technology serves people to improve their private as well as professional lives, and fulfill their dreams. We are committed to creating great new products that embody our vision.

 Management Team  

Duško Rakin  
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
Duško has worked successfully for several IT companies during the last 10 years. His fields of expertise are project management, planning by prioritizing customer, employee, and organizational requirements, marketing and sales. He also has a considerable knowledge in implementation of information systems.
Marko Maćešić  
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
Managing Partner Germany
Marko has 10+ years of working experience as a programmer and a manager. Experienced in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, C/C++, C#, PHP, CSS, databases, design for web and print. Wrote and led several international IT projects such as Eureka and FP7. He is dedicated to supporting every employee and client, keeping high quality of services.
Nenad Prodanovic
Nenad Prodanović  
Software Architecture Lead

Senior developer, but still young enough :) Java programmer by default, but C#, C++, PHP and database expert, too. Interested in image processing and operating systems, especially UNIX-based ones. Satisfied Mac user, avid traveler and photo amateur.
dule petrovic
Duško Petrović  
Software Development Lead
Duško is in charge of developing new software solutions and algorithms, implementing, upgrading and testing them in our products. He is an experienced programmer in C/C++, C# and his main fields of research are: Image Processing, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Likes sports and nature.