On-demand reports that can be used to quantify decisions as well as improve operations are rising in popularity. People Counting is one of the more useful reports as well as one of the easiest to configure. This algorithm uses a very mature video analytic technology currently on the market. One of the best applications for using People Counting is for high traffic areas in retail, government and transportation.

Mounting an IP camera at as close to a 90 degree angle (directly overhead) will ensure you are identifying the correct sections of individuals walking through the user defined ‘tripwire’. Valuable data can be collected during peak times, off times, busy areas and important advertising sections.

A surveillance system is no longer restricted to just about loss prevention or security, it is now used as a business intelligence gathering tool to make better business decisions. The video management capabilities directly affect the overall businesses capabilities.

Automating this process is as simple as the initial configuration. Reports will then be accessible via email with the associated information, graphs and any out of the ordinary activities such as high volume, high peak time, etc.

The China Art Museum is currently using People Counting to monitor the amount of activity in specific corridors and also in specific entrances and exits. The facility is 167,000 m2 (that’s equal to about 30 football fields) with 27 exhibit halls. Without the ability to monitor visitor traffic flow, the China Art Museum would not be able to improve the management efficiency of their building.

Source: http://blog.mec.ph