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Software Development – Computer Vision – Machine Learning

10+ years of scienific and applied research 10+ years of software development

  • Development of desktop, web and mobile applications
  • Database design and development
  • Building system architecture from scratch
  • Software maintenance
  • Technology research and development
  • Flexible cooperation models (see below)
  • Intelligent video analysis for people counting in retail; actionable statistical insights at the central location or in a cloud
  • Intelligent analysis of traffic and red light enforcement using video surveillance and license plate recognition cameras.

  • Eyetracking platform
  • Integration of security systems (fire and intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control)
  • Computer vision algorithms for detection and tracking of people and vehicles
  • Machine vision: automatic inspection and process control

Flexible models for startups

  • Reduced development rates for % of shares in the company
  • Additional set of values next to development itself
    (direct contacts with business angels and venture capital fund representatives on various markets, consulting and mentoring, providing investment and additional resources)
  • Position of technology proficient partner in the company
    (outsourcing of CTO and complete technology development)

Flexible models for companies and corporations

  • Fixed price model – fixed price with precisely defined scope of the work
  • Engineer/hour model – monthly invoicing of hours of development with precisely defined tasks
  • Joint R&D partnerships model – sharing intellectual property of licensing rights
  • BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model – acquisition of the team built in accordance with client needs